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About us

Newcastle Action for Parent and Toddler Groups Initiative (NAPI) has been working since 1995 to raise the profile of parent and toddler groups and increase the amount of support available to them.


NAPI works with adults and children under 5 to provide access to appropriate quality services which:


  • Develop happier confident parents who are able to make choices for themselves and their families
  • Move children through their stages of development in order to promote their confidence, skills,self esteem and emotional well being.
  • Promote the value of play
  • Promotes Inclusion

 In order that these adults and children can:

  •  Engage and connect with their communities
  • Have a smooth transition through their education and do well at school
  • Become financially self sufficient

 NAPI offers advice,information,support and a listening ear from a qualified and experienced staff team to ensure happy,safe,well resourced and welcoming environments.

 In order to do this NAPI provides:

  •  A Project Manager to provide a legal framework for the organisation and to co-ordinate the delivery of all services.
  • A team of Parent and Toddler Support Workers
  • A team of Toy Librarians
  • A team of Inclusion Workers
  • A team of Play Practitioners







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