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The link below will give a full list of the Toddler Groups we support, any body can access these groups regardless of where they live, unless the group has a waiting list. For anymore information on any of the groups please call our office Tel 2656158

Please bear in mind that those groups which have a TT symbol will not be open in the school holidays.If you are looking for activities in the holidays check out our Events page on this website or check our Facebook page as we regularly post activities and events on there.

Citywide Toddler Group List- last updated 21st March 2018


The department of health recommend all children 6 months - 5  years are given vitamin supplements containing  vitamins A C and D every day. It is also recommended babies who are breastfed are given a vitamin D supplement from birth. its very hard to get enough vitamin D through food alone as it only naturally occurs in a few foods.For more information including

  • Vitamin drops if you qualify for Healthy Start
  • Recommendations for Bottle and Breast fed babies




Data Protection Policy

NAPI is required to maintain certain personal data about living individuals for the purpose of satisfying operational obligations.

NAPI currently holds data in relation to

  • Members of the charity
  • Members of the toy library
  • Members of the management committee
  • Members of staff
  • Suppliers
  • Individuals who have requested information about the charity.  
NAPI regularly reviews this information to ensure it is accurate and up to date. NAPI will never share the data it holds without the expressed consent of the owner of the data. NAPI has strict guidelines on the length of the time data is kept.
For more information on our Data Protection policy please contact us.

Our NAPI Staff Team is:

Karen Williams-Project Manager

Sarah Dickson-Support Worker

Julie Davison-Support Worker

Sofura Hussain-Support Worker

Julie Ryle-Admin

Kelly Proudlock-Additional Needs Toy Librarian

Vicky Wise-Play Practitioner

Kyleigh Collins-Play Practitioner

Becca Freer-Play Practitioner

Zoe Stuart-Inclusion Worker

Debbie Newton-Inclusion Worker

Suzanne Nagel-Inclusion Worker















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