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Safety Updates

If you are aware of any current safety information which you think maybe useful to pass on please contact our office with details. Tel 2656158 

Raw Jelly Cubes Risk

It has been brought to our attention, via Pacey, of the risks around raw jelly cubes.Pacey reported on a recent inquest into the death of a child in a nursery where raw jelly cubes were used as part of sensory play. Following the inquest the risk of young children choking on raw jelly cubes has been highlighted and the Food Standards agency have been asked by Ofsted to raise awareness of this as a potential risk.If you would like more information about the inquest contact Westminster Coroner's Court, details are due to appear soon on the Courts and Tribunals Judicary website.

Bath Safety

Public Health Safety England has issued an urgent alert on bath safety, with particular regard to the use of bath seats.According to reports one in three deaths from accidental drowing in chidren involve 0-2 year olds in bath seats.The report states "Babies can drown in just afew centimetres of water, very quickly and with no noise or struggle".Child Accident Prevention Forum has published an on line article, see the link for further info.


 The Child Accident Prevention Trust have released a safety alert with regard to button batteries,the report stated,

"The electrical charge in a button battery creates caustic soda inside the body, burning through tissue and causing catastrophic internal bleeding.

Yet the batteries are found in many items around the home: car key fobs, novelty greetings cards, flameless tea lights, calculators and thermometers. And NHS England warns that even apparently 'flat' batteries can cause serious harm and death."

Please be aware of the dangers of button batteries and pass the information onto anyone you know.For further information go to the Child Accident Prevention Trust website


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