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Baby Walkers in Toddler Groups

Baby Walker Info

Babywalkers "Hinder first steps"

Newcastle Trading Standards have given the following advice regarding the use of baby walkers in toddler groups.

  •  Paediatricians do not recommend the use of baby walkers.(Please see the attached document relating to recent findngs on baby walkers and how they impede babies physical development)
  • The walkers that appear on the list of walkers to fail the safety standards list are not the only walkers to be unsuitable and care must be taken when using the list.
  • Many walkers in circulation do not have identifying marks on them, usually due to the age of the walker.
  • When checking walkers that are used in groups the following points must be considered:
  1. Is the structure sound? Will it collapse?
  2. Do all the wheels work? Are the correct number of wheels on the walker?
  3. Children should be properly supported.
  4. Children should not be left in a walker for long periods of time.
  5. There should be no sharp edges on the walker.
  6. There should be no finger traps;tubular structures should be fitted with plastic stoppers. 
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