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Drinks at Snack Time

You may have seen the recent campaign to reduce sugar in all our diets.The guidelines for daily sugar intake are:
Less than 12 months avoid ALL sugars
1-4 years Less than 19gram(4 teaspoons)
4-6 years Max 19gram(4 teaspoons)
Adults 30gram.
So what does this mean in terms of the drinks you provide? The current drink recommendation is Milk or Water. However I know many of you provide juice and if you wish to continue doing so please bear the following in mind.
  • Provide no added sugar juice
  • Check the sugar content before you buy.
  • Dilute to the instructions-Robinsons recommend extra water to added for toddlers.
  • If you provide fresh fruit juice check sugar content and dilute well.(1 part juice to 10 parts water)
The department of health recommend all children 6 months - 5  years are given vitamin supplements containing  vitamins A C and D every day. It is also recommended babies who are breastfed are given a vitamin D supplement from birth. its very hard to get enough vitamin D through food alone as it only naturally occurs in a few foods.For more information including
  • Vitamin drops if you qualify for Healthy Start
  • Recommendations for Bottle and Breast fed babies
Some use full links below
Tyneside Women's Health is a charity and was set up in 1985 to provide mental health support to women in a women -only enviroment. Click on the link below to access their website
Tyneside Women's Health
Healthworks aim is to support people across the North East to maintain and improve their health, wellbeing and life outcomes. click on the lnk below to access more information.

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